Nov 9th, 2016 Allgemein 1 min read one comment

Since I am tiding up my place and slowly getting rid of my old things, I set up a little account on willlhaben yesterday night. I am selling a perfect Chanel pullover, a Dior bag, a Gucci bag, Valentino Heels ( so sad that they are just too small)  and a beautiful Valentino coat and Loro Piana scarf. Have a look, perhaps you like…

My new private Instagram Account

Jun 27th, 2016 Social Diary 2 min read 9 comments

Actually I wanted to write a post along the lines of “When is it time to stop blogging”, as I see so many bloggers with no traction but still in the game for a free lunch or a sample cream. And then I thought, damn, that’s me!  So, let’s skip my advice for other bloggers who obviously don’t earn their living with this stuff but still try to…

La Prairie gift for you

Jun 16th, 2016 Beauty Stories, Win Me 1 min read 4 comments

It took a while, ok some months-until I was able to set up my very own Insta Account, publish my next magazine and organise the next La Prairie gift co-operation for BOULESSE. Tataaaaaah! All good. All set. So. After a bit of traveling I am happy to announce that I understood that it is important to give my business a face. Which is me. See, back to the…


Jan 13th, 2016 Allgemein, Career and Office, Social Diary 3 min read 8 comments

It has been a very busy season for me. Obviously, otherwise I would have been a bit more active on GT. We decided to open a small Pop-Up Store for the season in Kitzbühel because we thought it would be a great marketing hub. Which it is. Even if you get everything in place, sometimes you can’t control it all. Like the weather. The population…

My FORBES feature – Should you start a business?

Dec 11th, 2015 Allgemein, BOULESSE 3 min read 11 comments

My company recently got featured in FORBES and yes I am very proud (thats the pic they used – by Patrick Domingo).  I know many people who would like to start their own business. My advice: Don’t! Just don’t! Save your time and money and those around you. Why? Because if you have what it takes to succeed, you would not need to listen to any advice…


Dec 9th, 2015 Allgemein 2 min read 6 comments

Wohooo! Our magazine is out! I am quite happy with the result. Given the fact that we had a tiny budget and my team produced it with me just on the fly, I am enormously proud. The next issue will hit the shops in April. Get a copy online and read everything you ever wanted to know: how much you tip on a yacht, meet the…


Dec 1st, 2015 Career and Office, Hot Spots and Travel, Social Diary 6 min read 7 comments

It has been very quiet recently on my blog because I had no time or brains left to devote to my blog. Not that much has changed, but I really feel the need to update you on my recent developments. No worries: I haven’t crashed my company. Yet. Because running a start-up means being in the venture game. Which means high ups and low downs….with barely time to…

Yes, I am a SALES shopper.

Jul 28th, 2015 Glossy Fashion 2 min read 10 comments

Excuse my make up free post. A quick office look before heading out for lunch to Albertina with my favourite fashion editor. I am wearing a Derek Lam  chiffon top (see-through), Chloe skirt, Lanvin shoes, Hermes bracelet, Lanvin Python bag.  I bought shirt and skirt on sale as prices for fashion are raising so dramatically that I don’t see the point in spending 1000 € on a plain black skirt….


Jul 22nd, 2015 Stildiktat/Behave 5 min read 2 comments

It is unbearable. The heat in our office is beyond words ( + 38) . No air-condition. Well.  We have a lot of stuff going on, so we really need to be in the office otherwise I would have forced the team to go swimming with me. One of the many cooperations at the moment is our sponsorship for Die Spanische Hofreitschule. We are really…


Jul 16th, 2015 Allgemein 1 min read no comments

My silence has a reason: I traveled to Munich, Kitzbühl, Salzburg and back. Another day, another project on the horizon. Now we are on a hunt for MODELS, male and female, and MAKE-UP ARTISTS. We have two editorials (plus ad campaign) coming up in the first week of August. BAM! We are producing a magazine for top-notch client with high fashion and would love to…