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What to choose as a push present?

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A very happy 2018 everybody! Our new years eve was pretty quiet as I am not drinking and can’t eat that much at night anymore due too my little squatter inside of me. Still a spooky feeling to have somebody living inside of you. Anyhow, the little fellow will move out pretty soon (counting down the days)  and I will be happy to enjoy my normal breathing capacity again.

This being said, I was struggling with my fashion decisions lately. First, I have quite a big belly attached which HOPEFULLY will disappear pretty soon. Second, I have no idea what to expect with the child. I am painfully aware that I will stay in my pajamas for the first weeks or months all day as there be will not much else than feeding the child. This time will pass I guess and when leaving the house I want to look and feel like a human being. When my husband asked me about my push present, I wasn’t sure what to wish for. I am really not a bling person, so his idea of the Cartier Love Bracelet was very cute, but I don’t think that I will wear it. When getting pregnant, I received a mink coat that I absolutely love. Its sheared mink, so not as loud as you might assume. Very chic, very easy going. I was so happy about this gift that I thought about another coat. But I opted in the end for the most beautiful Chanel jacket I have ever seen. Chanel will alter it, if it does not fit after my birth properly.  Once my lighting, I have ordered on Amazon, arrives I will take some decent pictures of the jacket and share them.

I got some shoes for Christmas and might add some more in the next days as we all know Chanel doesn’t like to provide adequate shoes for the season, so I have to do Sandal shopping in winter before they are sold out. Great. With a newborn not that easy.

What I really want to say. It doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t matter what you look like, how you live, what you have. Sure, we all strive to better ourself. But if you take the decision for a child, all that matters, is that you have the right partner by your side. My mum always told me better to lose with the right person than to win with the wrong one. And that’s very true. Having a little family, sharing the love and affection within your little team really is the biggest achievement you can have in your life. Life is full of challenges and when you have nobody to rely on, life will be pretty hard.

I have been often asked how to find the right partner and how to build a solid foundation for the relationship. You will not like my answers as they are really not in line with the modern idea of feminism. Actually most people do not understand that my approach is even more radical. Having plenty of discussions about it, I am actually quite surprised how many girls share my point of view behind closed doors but oddly never admit to it publicly.  Also it is pretty hard to find a man with the matching mindset as most are brainwashed by their mothers with the ( in my opinion) wrong ideology. But again, I always managed to pursue those guys that their thinking was wrong and that the key to happiness looks very differently. But this is another chapter,  another book perhaps.

In the meantime, enjoy the first days of 2018, build the life you have always wanted, don’t listen to advice, don’t hold yourself back. Go and become the person you really are.

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  • Izabela
    6. January 2018

    Oh, lovely to hear that women in Austria are still wearing natural furs! Very optimistic! I thought all became vegan…Push present…a very funny name, I didn’t know it’s called a push present. I wanted a farm with a tree house:))) love bracelets are extremely uncomfortable. May I ask what do you mean writing men are brainwashed by their mothers? and a modern idea of feminism…hm, like almost all the modern “ideas” which gurus are amusing us with. I personally don’t think the idea came from the women, inventors found enough unhappy and not the smartest followers to spread it around.

    • GlossyTimes
      8. January 2018

      I think everybody’s aim should be to chose a partner for a lifetime and not for a sequence. You should grow and adapt together, face challenges together and succeed together. In modern society men and women want to follow their own rules, careers and develop a very similar behavior, instead of forming a team to support each other. I don’t know many happy couples where a girl with an outstanding career making as much or even more money, doesn’t dominate the husband and as a consequence the husband is leaving her. It is a very complex topic and needs much more space than this comment section and most often people misunderstand my approach as anti feministic. Which is not true. A lot of men were raised to take care of themselves and watch out for gold diggers, avoiding any responsibility coming their way. In my opinion this is a very delicate topic, that needs to be handled very carefully. I am also a firm believer in early reproduction. I don’t think we should go on spreading the lie that women can conceive until their late 40 without a problem. Thats a lie. And I know a lot of women who waited too long and regret it very much so. Both topics are tied together, which needs in-depth explanation. I might come up with it on my blog in spring, depends how I feel about it, it is a controversial topic.


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