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A new outfit for BOULESSE.COM!

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Having your own tech team feels like having a napalm bomb.  You feel kind of unbeatable. I love those guys, they are my personal hero. So when visiting BOULESSE.COM, you will see that a lot has changed.

WE ARE MOBILE. Puhhhh, that wasn’t easy, I tell you. The company which has built the code SUCKS and has done SUCH a terrible job, that it took our tech team months to rework the code. And we are not finished.

We have a WHAT’S NEW slider! FINALLY! And we have a “OUR SHOPS” selection where you can explore the storefronts of all shops on BOULESSE. Of course MUCH more has changed, but you don’t see the results. Little things which take a lot of work and time.

AND we have cherry trees on the header! Spring officially started.

You can also find us on Twitter nowadays and I try  to be more active on Instagram. This Sunday for example, when having a shooting for our marketing activities. YOU WILL LOVE IT! And finally a BOULESSE button made it on my header! Looks good, heh?P

Have a sunny start into the week,

Stay elegant!






  • Franzi
    7. April 2014

    Ich liebe euer neues Design! Ihr könnt stolz auf das sein, was ihr geschaffen habt.
    Ich habe mich sehr über den ersten Boulesse Newsletter gefreut!

    • GlossyTimes
      7. April 2014

      OH HOW NICE!!!!! Wir arbeiten schon am nächsten, der wird sehr viel mehr GT, trust me 😉


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