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Affordable Statement Wallpaper Alternatives to deGournay

Posted on / by GlossyTimes

The last time my husband and I visited Paris we had dinner at a restaurant where the main room was decorated with a historic landscape wallpaper. It was love at first. True love. Ever since then I have been hunting after every brand that produces these statement murals. The most popular and recognised brand is deGourney. A UK based firm which paints per hand in China. Another option would be Zuber, a great brand with history and the most elaborate patterns. The Oval Office, for example, features a Zuber landscape wallpaper. I do not need to mention at this point that the price tag of the wall decorations was slightly above my expectations. Living and working in quite spacious rooms with very high ceilings would mean investing about ten thousands Euros if I went with these brands. That is why I did not stop with my research until I found an affordable solution: The original Paul Montgomery landscape wallpaper, printed digitally, but in OUTSTANDING quality. Seriously, it looks like it was painted. So good. You will not see a difference.Comparably modest 1200 Euro + taxes (another 280€) and the wallpaper of my dreams was mine.

The first challenge was that the landscape pattern was too small to cover the entire wall (there are different options and patterns but I really loved this one which is called Brazil). That is why I decided to opt for stucco to frame the wallpaper. To enhance the pattern, I chose to paint the wall blue.  When hiring a team to install the wallpaper we made sure to get references to ensure they knew how to install the wallpaper correctly. As well as the stucco.

So when the gentlemen started their work, they first painted the wall, then installed the wallpaper and lastly put on the stucco. When seeing the final result we were quite surprised, as was their boss. First the stucco had cracks, second the edge of the wallpaper was wet and full of glue, it looked dirty even. Lastly a few bubbles did not want to disappear as hoped. The final result was devastating.

So here is what you should look out for if you ever have a wallpaper installed:

  1. The wallpaper came divided in several frames, which needed to be cut out. This results in a very inaccurate line, the edges of the wallaper will be hard to unite into one big picture.
  2. You have to install the stucco FIRST because when putting together the different pieces of stucco it then has to be polished so the different pieces unite into one big frame. You can’t really do that once the wallpaper is installed. Afterwards the stucco and wall can be painted.
  3. You cut the wallpaper into the stucco. Not the other way around.
  4. You paint the wall after applying the stucco and BEFORE installing the wallpaper.
  5. You shouldn’t use glue excessively to apply the murals. Otherwise some residue might remain. While most bubbles and glue disappeared when it dried, you can still tell where the areas where drenched in glue.

Well, all that resulted in a major fail but I am still happy with my choice. We will have to redo it, but the company who installed it will pay for it, so it’s fine. The wallpaper really shapes the room and has true potential for #instafame as we share my beautiful backdrop constantly on Instagram.

Stay elegant,



Wallpaper Alternatives deGournay




  • Franzi
    18. April 2017

    It looks fantastic, I love it!
    Unfortunately poorly executed. I am looking forward to the final installment!

  • Alex
    13. April 2017

    OMG it’s fantastic !!!

  • Birgit
    13. April 2017

    The wallpaper looks stunning! I am sorry for you that the istallment has gone wrong. How did the stucco crack? This is something I don’t get.
    Have a great day, Birgit

    • GlossyTimes
      14. April 2017

      Liebe Brigit,

      der Riss kommt davon dass die einzelnen Stuckleisten nur 2 Meter lang sind und zusammengeführt werden mussten. Und die Herrschaften haben die Endstücke, wie eigentlich angedacht, nicht verspachtelt und bemalt sondern einfach so gelassen. Ihr Chef war ziemlich erstaunt als er die Abnhahme gemacht hat. Ich auch…..:-)

      • Birgit
        14. April 2017

        Liebe Beatrice, gut, jetzt versteh ich ich die “Risse” – schlampige Verarbeitung aus wahrscheinlich Faulheit (sieht man leider auf Baustellen öfter als einem lieb ist) .. ich glaube ich wäre mehr als nur erstaunt gewesen …

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