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Since I am tiding up my place and slowly getting rid of my old things, I set up a little account on willlhaben yesterday night.

I am selling a perfect Chanel pullover, a Dior bag, a Gucci bag, Valentino Heels ( so sad that they are just too small)  and a beautiful Valentino coat and Loro Piana scarf. Have a look, perhaps you like something.

Questions  any time….I will refill the list in the next days a bit….

I am lately into renovating chairs. Yep. I will post a DIY once I finish my first chair. It is quite some work. It took me 3 days to pull out the nails, THREE DAYS. But I am getting there, slowly.

Speak soon,


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  • Franzi
    19. November 2016

    Wir fliegen nach Weihnachten für ein paar Tage nach Wien und ich bin schon sehr gespannt darauf deine Heimat kennenzulernen!


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