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Cannes: fake boobs and real Birkins

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There is no other place where you feel that poor as the Côte d’Azur. I take the bashing because it is worth it. Simply because of the fact that a trip to Cannes is like a break from bad news.

Crisis? Not here! Every single shop features exotic leather goods, fur and the most expensive bling you can buy for your rubel. Like in all the other luxury destinations, the industry serves the rich Arabs and Russians. Some Americans, but not that many anymore.

It is the particular flair of Cannes that I ike: the moment you step out of the ocean you are fully covered in fuel because the mega yachts parked right in front of your beach club. Of course, you do not pay 49 Euros for half a day on the beach like all the others. As a resident of the Hotel Martinez you just pay 39 Euros. That is called sarcasm, ladies and gentleman. And of course water bottles do not come for free, you pay 11 Euros… But the view:

You look at boats, yachts and megayachts. And if you are lucky like me, you get a sunbed by the seaside on the Ponton: The pole position to watch Russian oligarchs arriving, packed with Chanel shopping bags waiting for the small boat to bring them to their Megayacht.

There is also another scene I really enjoyed. We had dinner yesterday at Le Felix. Ok food, ok people, ok prices (again 150 Euros for next to nothing for two). Located on the Croisette it is an excellent spot for people watching. Ladies passing by, carrying their fake boobs with the same pride as their real Birkin bags. But to be honest, a simple Togo leather Bikin means nothing here. Everybody carries them, which of course makes them less exclusive. You have to come up with a croco version to impress the audience. Same for Bentleys: they hide at every corner, no breaking luxury news.

My Louis Vuitton “St. Tropez” bag sits pole position…
OK food, ok restaurant…
This is, dear readers, the casual outfit for Cannes. Bring your highest heels and your shortest dresses for the capital of decadence…

Bentley Croisette

As the WLAN sucks big time at the famous Hotel Martinez, I have to upload the pics with the next post. In the meantime I have a tip for you:

My movie advice to get the spirit of the Côte d’ Azur is „Priceless“. The story takes place in Biarritz, which means somewhere else in France, but the setting is the same. Enjoy the plot….

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  • Franzi
    14. October 2012

    Die Côte d’Azur ist wirklich wunderschön und Leute beobachten ist dort ein absolutes Highlight…

  • Philou
    15. September 2012

    Ah Cannes! You have no idea what those peoples games are there…

  • Emilie
    12. September 2012

    Also ich war vor 3 Wochen auch an der Cote d’Azur und ich war von Cannes echt enttäuscht! Ich fand es furchtbar langweilig… Nizza und St. Tropez haben viel mehr Flair!

    • GlossyTimes
      13. September 2012

      Bin auch eher ein St.Tropez fan, es scheint mir auch nicht soooo ein gewaltiger rip off zu sein wie Cannes….Nächstes Jahr mach´ ich nicht den gleichen Fehler 🙂


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