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Happy Monday! Since we expected a very special visit today, I dressed a bit more casual: Chanel cashmere pullover, Mango leather pants ( REALLY bad quality) and Chanel flats ( well worn).  Look who stopped by: LINK.

I try to avoid the monochromatic looks since EVERY blogger on the planet covers the minimalistic style. I will wear more colour in the next view days.  Add some peonies and Ladurée macaroons and et voilà, here comes the average blogger!

Daniel refuses to pose for any pictures. So Jenny did some snapshots. He is wearing Corneliani pants, Santoni slippers, a Venturini shirt with pink initials, Cartier cufflinks which I gave him once as a present. And his Rolex. Of course.

By the way, he hates when I party my hair in the centre. He – and by the way every other male friend – thinks it looks stuffy. I try to tell him, its fashion, but NO, no thanks.

And since I got a brand new iPhone today, you can expect better Instagram pics in the future. Please follow me on boulesseinstagram since I can’t maintain  both accounts at once.

Stay elegant and enjoy the sun,


BTW. I don’t look angry, I even smile. In my head.


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  • Franzi
    12. May 2015

    Das erste Boulesse Baby! Herzlichen Glückwunsch!
    Chanel is always a good idea! Dein Outfit gefällt mir sehr gut und auch dein Mann ist wirklich stilvoll gekleidet.

    • GlossyTimes
      14. May 2015

      Liebe Franzi, mein Mann ist generell besser gekleidet als ich 😉


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