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Is Chanel really worth it?

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There are very few brands out there which have such a superior brand power as Chanel does. I guess we all agree on that. I remember a time when Chanel was the most expensive label on the market when it came to ready to wear and shoes. But times have changed.  So when hunting for new booties I find myself in the same price range wherever I go.  Minimum 1000 Euro for Chanel, Valentino, Dior & Co. I might deal with overpaying for Chanel since I am trained to do so, but not for Valentino.

But the real challenge seems to be to really purchase the items of desire. Buying sandals in July? Don’t make yourselfe ridiculous! Buying boots in September? Really? Of course they are sold out since forever.  What bothers me most, is the ignorant staff at Chanel in Vienna and the fact that I have to hunt down the things I want as they never seem to be available.

I know customers, UHNWI ( Ultra High Net Worth Individuals) which don’t have to even visit the store, they simply get everything delivered home.  What they do not like, they just send back. A luxury with comes with a mimimim spending, of course. A luxury that I cant afford, as I am one of the many small customers who picks up a few items every season and are seen more as a distraction in the stores than actual valuable client.

Nevertheless I am a sucker for Chanel. Sadly I am. Thats why I have paid the same amount on eBay for some brand new sandals, that I could not get hold in the shops anymore. And thats why I have waited 3 weeks for my latest acquisition to arrive in stores in my size.

So the question is, are they really worth it? Well, in my humble opinion, they are. They are well made, look good,  and have an attitude you will not find with any other shoe brand. So I guess I will keep on begging to drop some cash at my favourite fashion house as long as my credit card allows.

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You like? Well,  the small investment of 1050€ make them yours. But hurray, soon they will be gone…..



  • Izabela
    26. October 2017

    It’s a matter of taste probably but I wouldn’t pay for this pair even 100E;) I am simply not a Chanel fan anyway except for 4 or 5 very classic things. How many pairs are being sold around the world, any idea? Luxury? Not at all. That’s what I meant before. There is no luxury any more. Scheer is luxury, and some others offering bespoke shoes & clothes. Big brands are just funds which are squeezing out every penny, in this particular case Wertheimer family (still, no?), Valentino – partly at least Qatar funds and so on, and so on. When I look at some clothes nowadays, very often I feel embarrassed about the quality, doubtful design but also about this, how fashion houses management treat us potential customers. Like idiots which will purchase just anything seeing the logo…very sad.
    Have a good afternoon!

    • GlossyTimes
      1. November 2017

      ….the quality if things these days is truley not worth the money…..and yes, i am a big scheer fan 💸💸💸

  • Jen
    24. October 2017

    Die Schuhe sind so cool, ich finde ja dass sie angezogen sogar noch eine Spur besser aussehen als auf den Fotos.

  • Franzi
    24. October 2017

    Chanel ist und bleibt einfach ein Traum für mich. Die Kleidung, Taschen und Schuhe sind wunderschön und meist zeitlos. Da lohnt sich die Investition wohl. Ich hoffe immer noch, dass es eines Tages mit der Erfüllung des Traums für mich klappt.
    Die Erfahrung mit dem Wiener Store kann ich leider teilen. Wir haben uns im letzten Jahr im Store umgesehen und wurde einfach ignoriert. Andere Kunden passten wohl eher in das Beuteschema der Mitarbeiter. In anderen Läden dagegen wird man auch dann verwöhnt, wenn man letztlich nichts kauft.
    Deine Schuhe sehen fantastisch aus, eine sehr gute Wahl!


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