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You are surprised how active I am, heh? I am too. Since so many of you read my posts every day, I am highly motivated not to disappoint you. So. Another peek into my daily routine. Yesterday I had the great honour to follow a very private invitation to the Hotel Sacher. Since we have a page in the new Magazine, I was one of the lucky few to mingle with the gracious hosts and owners of the house, Ms. Winkler and her husband. Such a power couple. Unbelievable.

I guess  I don’t need to introduce the SACHER to you guys. A) I am a regular and B) I use the La Prairie Spa quite extensively. And you know that.

Brilliant Jenny accompanied me yesterday evening and took some fabulous pictures. What should I say: the ambience, the food, the people. Pure perfection.

After a couple of Mini Schnitzel and yummy desert I had to run to a dinner date with a new client of ours. Absolutely amazing mens outfitter: SARTALE. We went to a Japanese place.  See a pattern? Yes, I eat. A lot. Yes, I gain weight. Slowly but steady. Yes, I need to change that, but what should I do? This morning started off with a breakfast date with another client of ours Nathalie von Hohenzollern.

And soon I will present you Plus size collections. Speaking of: I was wearing my Escada coat, Chanel shoes, my crappy COS pants ( which I love, cant help it) a white COS blouse,  en voilà.

Stay elegant,


BTW. Yes, that’s my new IPHONE!!! Ahh I am so excited, such a great camera!!!! AHHHHH!!!! It even takes slow mo videos!!!!


GT SACHEr 2 IMGL1658IMGL1662IMGL1677 IMGL1680 IMGL1689 IMGL1695 IMGL1730


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