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Don’t invest in classics

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When it comes to fashion investments, I always hear the same statement: “I would rather invest in classics, because they last forever.”

I have a very contradictory approach. Of course I do. 

So why do you buy a Chanel bag? Because you would like to make a statement. Yes, I hear you. You tell me right now, it’s a beautiful bag. It’s an icon. Right. In the end, it shows somebody that you were able to scratch almost 3,000 Euro together in order to purchase the bag. So. When posing with your ZARA wardrobe and your one and only Chanel bag, it makes the impression that you want to upgrade your appearance with a bag. So the bag is wearing you, not the other way around.

When building up a collection you usually start with the classics. Later in life, when you have a foundation, you add rare and collectors pieces. Your eye gets more refined and you look more and more different. Like Lauren Santo Domingo for example. She is the ultimate icon, the peak of fashion consumption. Can you picture her dressing in boyfriend jeans, a Chanel flap and a Markus Lupfer Pullover? 2015? No way.

So when buying straight away exotic pieces, you appear much more FASHION than when running with the sheeps. It even seems that you HAVE already a classic collection.

A shortcut I would say. Plus it is more fun.

When buying limited edition or pieces which are not that mainstream, you might add an item to your wardrobe which is  dated (somehow) but which always add a certain sparkle to your look.

In the end, we try to be different. And then again, the same. It is just a question which group you want to belong to.

Stay elegant,



GT 5 minute portrait:

I am wearing CHANEL cardigan with gold lion buttons ( oh so BOULESSE!), CAROLINA HERRERA tweed dress, ZARA shoes from last last season  and I am still so sad that I didn’t buy the bloody crystal CHANEL booties. Maybe I will try ebay soon.

When wearing CHANEL you are obliged to make a B**** face. OBLIGED. Fashion universe dictate.




  • Franzi
    21. May 2015

    I love classics with a twist like your Chanel Camellia WOC. That is the perfect mixture between classics and fashion.
    You look great in the cardigan and dress!

  • Isabel
    21. May 2015

    Mr Lagerfeld should rather work harder. You mean seriously, YOU would wear THIS shoes?! Best!

  • mojo
    21. May 2015

    “It’s all about taste. If YOU are cheap, nothing helps” Lagerfeld

  • Julia
    20. May 2015

    You are soooooo right!


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