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Eyebrow cake & Co in tha house

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gt favWhen spending the last week in London, I took the chance to get some serious advice on make up stuff from a pro. Not a random make up artist. Hell, no. Philipp Überfellner took me on a small shopping spree and consulted me on my major issues before resting at Sketch for tea.

First: I have terrible skin: Dry and oily. At the same time. Red lines and a very *unpretty* pale skin colour. PLUS I don’t have thick great eyebrows. When asking him for a good brow pencil, he took me to Illamasqua: ” Darling, you NEED eyebrow cake. You will love it. It the best thing out there. Trust me, I have tried it all.” So  of course I followed. The problem with all this eyebrow stuff is, that you can have it across your face, when touching your face to often. What I do. I have constantly my fingers in may face. Don’t ask me why. I used Benefit, Mac, Dr. Hauschka. By the end of the day all fell off. And you always have to worry about it. You get me.

So when leaving the Illamasqua store in Soho, I had my shopping bag stuffed with make up that will change my life. I hoped. For example “Matte Veil”. Some kind of primer, gel and moisturizer in one. It hydrates the skin. Its evens the pores. And it mattes your complexion. Yes, it does. The hydra version was out of stock for 7 months Philipp told me, so I had to give it a shot and I have to be honest: It is AMAZING. Believe me, I paid for it. My 100% honest opinion.  That’s what the company says “Create a long-lasting, shine-free base with this intensely mattifying formula. Matte Veil primes the skin whilst producing a matte finish. Apply before primer and foundation with fingers or an Illamasqua Brush”

The other thing I bought was the eyebrow cake. You can apply it wet or dry. Dry does the trick for me, so I am happy to recommend it to you. You can easily paint yourself Cara Delivigne brows and people might assume, they are real.

The other stuff I got, is nice but not skyrocketing, so no extra descriptions. Not even about the gel eyeliner, which is easy to apply, but doesn’t last very long. After going for my 110 Euro pedicure and manicure yesterday, I felt really *pretty*, after a day in the office, I just feel that all the makeup up doesn’t make any difference anyways.

The most effective way to get really nice brows, is to use one of those lash serums, Philipp told me. Usually you apply them on your eyelashes, but it suppose to work also for brows. Well, I got the serum, now I just need to be patient. Will let you know about the result. In a year or so.

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  • Izabela
    24. June 2014

    It works actually, you will have “camel lashes” very fast but it does contain hormones unfortunately:-( I don’t really know what’s the formula of the others.

  • Isabel
    13. June 2014

    Which lush serum did you get for you? It really works very fast but the most popular one, Revitalash contains hormones so, be aware.

    • GlossyTimes
      18. June 2014

      Yes, I checked it today, it is reviatlash…..bad one? Should I go for something else?


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