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Flowers as seen @TEFAF 2017

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If you like serious art you have heard about TEFAF. If not, you still might care about the phenomenal flower arrangements this year. Inspired by the installation, my flower dealer of trust (Blumenhandwerk, Krugerstrasse Vienna 1010) created something similar for an event I was hosting at the Park Hyatt the other day. The tube stand/vase – or whatever you might want to call it – is rented ( 30€) and the flowers come by piece. I paid €180 for two arrangements and must say I was absolutely thrilled. The effect was unbeatable. The next day I had the flowers sitting next to my desk on my monkey table. I wanted to add a fun twist to my office, as everything is quite serious at my private place. The flowers have almost reached the end of their life span at this point, as its quite tricky to water them, but still they made for quite a statement in the room.

The curtains are actually from IKEA but ended up costing a fortune as I took them to a tailor to alter them and had them fitted with double fabric on both sides to add weight and volume. Et voilá, the first corner of my new office I want to share with you.

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  • Natalie
    26. September 2017

    Ah you are back! Just saw this now ( half a year later) 😉 and congratulations on your pregnancy.

    Natalie from Germany

  • Franzi
    21. March 2017

    The flowers look fab! I love the monkey table, it brings fun to your office.
    You look fantastic! Good to hear from you!
    The new layout is nice!


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