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Goyard is the new Louis Vuitton – also in Istanbul

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Fashion at Kempinski Istanbul

We survived. And that is all that matters. Istanbul has the reputation of being the New York of the Arab world. And indeed it is. After the first night out on Saturday we were lucky to arrive safe at our hotel. The traffic in this town is just beyond. We went to the restaurant 360 Istanbul which serves nice food, offers a great view of the city and has very nice live acts. A girl was singing some Adele hits, very romantic. BUT it was freezing cold. In fact it was so cold that all the customers were sitting covered in blankets.

If you go there ask for the lamb, it’s just outstanding. Prices were average, you pay about 120-150 Euros for two if you don´t go crazy with champaign and so on. When the driver picked us up, I thought that was it, my life, all of it. I felt like in a playstation game of a kid, speeding through the narrow streets of Istanbul. I do understand why everybody uses a helicopter, the traffic is just crazy. But luckily all was fine and we ended up having a drink at the hotel, getting a peek of the wedding next door. Very chic, very elegant. In fact the hotel is full of very chic people.

The ladys wear Hermés, Chanel – and here come the news – Goyard. Of course there are some left behinds, who probably think that Louis Vuitton is still a luxury good. But I am very sorry to admit: after spending a couple of weeks in the land of snobism and elite (France of course) I realized that the french do not care about LV anymore, they think it is very mediocre and wannabe (I personally still like it). But Goyard, dear friends, Goyard has the potential to become the new status symbol for the money elite. Two times more expensive and very limited distribution.

Now I wish I could add the fabulous pictures of the ladies here … I learned my lesson and will take some great pics next week in Cannes.

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