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Happy Valentine’s Day NOT at Steirereck

Posted on / by GlossyTimes

We skipped Valentine’s day this year . Sorry to disappoint you. But we are out EVERY other night of the year, so this was the perfect break for us. THANKS GOD A NIGHT TO REST IN FRONT OF THE TV. Yes sir, the TV. There is nothing better to empty your brain. Hands up.

In fact we had a very fancy night out on my birthday. A very romantic dinner at Stierereck. Amongst the Top 10 restaurants in the world. And so NOT my cup of tea.  I like the location (next to our house) , I like the setting and the cute uniforms of the waitresses. BUT I don’t like the food. WURZELGEMÜSE. My worst nightmare. AN ENTIRE card containing WURZELGEMÜSE in all variation. Horrifying!  I had to rearranging my menu and to be honest, what I liked the most, was the Blunzenbrot and the orange juice. AND the desert. Chocolate and pineapple. And yes, it’s a CHANEL gift. Again. We are very consistent as you can see. Life could not be more amazing. Specially since I have the best team on the planet gifting me SPA treatments at Sacher, my favourite place to go.

In case you like Foodporn, please have a look at Jenny’s blog. My first hire.  She collects Hermés bag and eats out at the best places on the planet. She would be the perfect food guide. Which I am  certainly not. But I make up with a bit of social gossip. You hear me. More to come.

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  • Franzi
    19. February 2014

    Nachträglich alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
    Das Essen sieht sehr lecker aus und Desert mit Schokolade ist sowieso immer gut!


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