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How to apply for a job

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When being young and foolish, I always thought that life is rocket science. Growing older , I realised, it is NOT. So. When it comes to job hunting I would like to share some thoughts for the other side of the table.


That is, what your employer wants to hear:


I did some research about your company and realised the following…

What I particularly like about your company is the following….

I can see myself supporting you specially in ….

You might have issues with…., I think I can help you with that….

Besides my regular tasks I can also do this for you….


Something your employer certainly doesn’t want to here is:


When applying for a coder position and  mentioning that in 3 years you would like to be a consultant

When applying for an assistant position and mentioning that actually you want to do Marketing

My girlfriend is looking for a job as well, can you also employ her?

The problem is …..(there are no problems, just solutions)


When applying for a job, never forget that you are talking to a human being with human needs. Support, somebody who cares, who loves what you do, who can be a benefit. We want to hire somebody, going the making an effort. There are a lot of talkers out there. Thats why it matters even more to show, that you care. Go the extra mile. Be creative. Be different. Dare to think out of the box.

Every company will highly appreciate any effort you invest in getting the job. And always make sure that you really  want the job. Sometimes the right words at the right time and a bit of extra (time)  investment can unlock a door and lead you into a new direction and maybe to your dream job.


Happy job-hunting!

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  • JL
    4. March 2014

    “…and always make sure you really want the job… ” is the best!


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