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I am back with some Pics from MONACO! BAM!

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You didn’t expect me to be back, right? Well, what should I say? I am full of surprises. After a VERY VERY busy summer, we managed our finance round with an awesome investors base and we found a new office. It was hell on earth but we survived. Hopefully we can move next week.  You will LOVE the office. It is insanely beautiful.

Like every year my husband and I travelled to Monaco and took a short break from reality. This time we were staying at the Hotel Metropole, my happy place. Spa was redesigned by Karl Lagerfeld. I would like to share some pics with you before getting back to total blogger mood. Especially since we are working on an own BOULESSE blog. But since I was very short on time, we had to delay that project.

Until yesterday, I wasn’t in the driver’s seat . Life just dragged me along. I think I am back to a healthy stage of sanity and I might also have half a Sunday off this weekend. Where I can finally make pictures of my wardrobe to sell some stuff on my blog. Of course I did some shopping lately. Online.  And I can tell you so much: the new lavish superdupa office will match my new Oscar de la Renta coat perfectly well. And that much: there are SO MANY stories to tell. It would be a pity if I keep them all for myself.

Happy to be back!


Rules for Monaco:

  • Come by Heli, not by car. At least don’t  come with cruise ship.
  • Don’t stay at the Fairmont or Meridien. Stay at the Metropole or Hermitage. And spend 700 MINIMUM at night.
  • Breakfast at Joel Robuchon at the Metropole.
  • Beachtime at the Monaco Beach Club.
  • Dinner at Avenue 31.
  • Wardrobe by Chanel. Always. Head to toe. 

Aja, Sun protection from La Prairie and IOMA. Thank you for the friendly donation. Loved it. Both.

HELI MONACO Monaco 1 Monaco 2 Monaco 3  Monaco 13 Monaco 10 Monaco 11 Metrople3 Monaco 21 Monaco 20 Monaco 19 Monaco 15 Monaco 17 Monaco 14 Monaco 9


  • Isabel
    18. September 2014

    Well, I was looking forward to read some of your incredible stories but not this kind of…how funny when people look at MC only from a chanel point of view. Chanel (thank to soviet community) became like h&m here, only vintage pieces are still “really chanel”. Lg aus Monaco!

    • GlossyTimes
      19. September 2014

      oh there will be much more to come……-) i have a couple of nice pics you will enjoy…..

  • Franzi
    17. September 2014

    B., du bist zurück! Das freut mich wirklich sehr und ich bin gespannt auf die neuen Posts. Glossytimes und du haben mir sehr gefehlt!
    Die Auszeit ist Monaco war unglaublich glamourös! Aber das hattet ihr euch auch verdient! Danke für den Einblick in euer Leben!


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