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I LOVE BRITS! My Self Portrait Dress arrived.

Posted on / by GlossyTimes

After reading an article about Self Portrait in Abu Dhabi’s Harper’s Bazaar in April on the beach, I ended up visiting their site, Net-A-Porter and Matches Fashion.

The other day Self Portrait released a new line and I fell in love with a lovely dress (Pre Fall 2015/16). The price point is excellent. For not even 400 Euros you get a brilliant fashion piece. Stunning quality, good fit and a very modern twist. The colour is amazing as it makes me look tanned. Being pale by nature, THAT’S quite something. It runs quite small, I would advice choosing at least one size bigger than normal. I found mine at Matches Fashion.

What I love about the dress is the million bucks appearance, pockets and the colour. Which is greyish violet. Same as BOULESSE.

The genius behind the brand is a gentleman of Chinese origin who graduated from London Central St. Martins. Another “Brit” I admire lately is Sophia Webster. I already introduced you to the new shoes I purchased recently in my last post.

And as you can see, I am also wearing my no-name earrings again, that I wore at the Moet event.

PS: I might have to send the dress back and exchange it, as it smells like an attic for some odd reason. So I will wait two more days before my decision, but let us hope the smell will fade….having an eCommerce business of my own, I am much more tolerant these days….

Stay elegant,










  • K4rla
    12. July 2015

    Hab grad erst gesehen dass du wieder aktiv bist 😀 freu mich, muss morgen mal alle posts lesen die ich verpasst hab LG

  • K
    1. July 2015

    Dear B.,

    you are an absolute stunner in this dress, such a lovely sight! When I saw the picture of you, I had to look thru the self portrait collection and must say all of the dresses are just gorgeous! Thanks for introducing me, this may be the end of my desperate search for a decent dress. You do have to spoil yourself sometimes, right?! 😉

    kind regards, K.

  • Natalie
    28. June 2015

    Dear B,
    I just wanted to Tell you, that i loved your Blogger Sale Last year. I bought something for a fair Price and it came to me in Perfect condition.

    Just bought something from Another Blogger and it campe to me smelling Strange and clearly about 100 years old what wasnt visible on the pictures. And it has a Little hole, too. So frustrating!!
    Just had to speak that out loudly ://

    Wishing you the best!


    • GlossyTimes
      29. June 2015

      Oh thats very cute! Guess what, I will sell a Dior clutch this week….:-) I planned to do a proper sale but that would require to engage with my wardrobe right now and this is too frustrating 😉

      What did you get from me? Was the other blogger also Austrian?

      LG B.

      • Natalie
        29. June 2015

        Wow that Sounds exciting with the clutch!!
        Its always frustrating to deal with the wardrobe, i have the feeling i have nothing to wear at the Moment

        The Blogger is swedish and i bought your Channel top! 😉
        LG Natalie

      • Natalie
        29. June 2015

        Stupid autocorrect 😉

      • GlossyTimes
        30. June 2015

        Ohhh the green one! Nice piece….hope you wear it often! Best from Vienna….

  • parisonlyparis
    25. June 2015

    LOVE the earrings. where did you buy them ?

    xo P.

    • GlossyTimes
      26. June 2015

      I got them at the bazaar in Istanbul! I think it is one of the nicest places to buy some decent bling bling for small money 🙂

  • Isabel
    24. June 2015

    The dress looks very French actually…and suits you very well indeed! You are very blessed with your pale skin, I have to use tons of SPF 50 every summer to be just a little bit tanned. Annoying.

    • GlossyTimes
      26. June 2015

      Lets switch. I would love to catch a decent tan at one point ….

  • Franzi
    24. June 2015

    Wow, you look amazing!!! The dress suits you so well and the shoes work perfectly with it! The earrings are a dream!
    Thank you for introducing me to Self Portrait! I had a look at their clothes and there is one piece I definetely consider buying.
    Brits (or Brit educated) do it best!!!
    Can you introduce your Boulesse team to us? I am very interested in getting to know more about your venture and the people behind it.

    • GlossyTimes
      26. June 2015

      Dear Franzi, thank you for the idea. It is just about time to drag the team into the lime light 🙂


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