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Jeff Koons goes Dom Pérignon

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Hello again! Yes, its me! After all the silence I thought, overentertaining might be a good thing as I like to believe that it is hardly ever too much of anything. If its too much, it is art.

Speaking of art. Mister Jeff Koons (huge puddle, remember?) launched his limited edition Dom Pérignon bottle box “Balloon Venus” that I would love to get my hands on. In theory, as they are a) limited edition 2) quite expensive for somebody like me (entrepreneur aka broke) 3) not as cool as another cooperation that is launching soon (more details to come, hint: my friend).

I am asking myself if Martin Ho (who I introduced you to already) is selling it at Yoshis Corner…..Besides you can purchase  the Venus also as a sculpture (with a bottle inside) for  € 18.000,-. Handmade, limited to 650 pieces worldwide.  In art language: Brilliant deal. You can have a look at the  original of the  Balloon Venus in Vienna at the  im Hotel Sans Souci, Burggasse 2, 1070 Wien. Just in case. 

You know, Koons is the Louboutins of the art industry. You always think they can’t get any higher when they prove you wrong. Except this time. Thats like when Louboutin came up with his flats.

Oh SO nice…….

Stay elegant,





  • Verena
    8. October 2013

    Also aussehen tut sie ja genial. Ich fürchte nur, mein Budget reicht nicht ganz. Nicht mal, wenn ich meine halbe Taschensammlung verkaufe und mein Auto noch dazu! 😀

  • re
    7. October 2013

    witzig, da ich meinen verrückten kerl heute durch die läden gehetzt habe, um eine (mini-)special edition zu ergattern. allerdings kann man die in der schweiz leider erst kurz vor weihnachten finden…
    herzlich re

      7. October 2013

      mini? will auch!!! also werden wir in ö wohl auch noch warten müssen…..

  • Franzi
    7. October 2013

    Wow! Ich mag Jeff Koons sehr gerne, obwohl seine Arbeiten ja immer mehr oder weniger ähnlich sind. Der Dom Pérignon ist natürlich auch nicht schlecht 😉
    Ich bin gespannt, was du uns demnächst präsentierst!


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