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La Prairie event. With caviar. What else?

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Don’t you wish, you had been there? Guess what? Me too!

While dear Jenny took the heavy responsibility of visiting La Prairie in a rooftop flat the other day, I was sitting in Munich at Schuhmann’s Tagesbar checking out really posh street style (I LOVE MUNICH) while having a Diet coke.  Meanwhile Jenny enjoyed BELUGA (!!!!!!!!!!)  caviar with a bunch of other bloggers while listening to the introduction of their summer cream “Skin caviar luxe cream sheer” and the matching make-up.

Luckily I received a cream as well, so I will keep you posted how I like it. It came at the right time. I am so heavily overworked, It might save me from an explosion of wrinkles. Let me tell you, being an entrepreneur makes you age dramatically.

I am so sorry, I missed the event, as La Prairie always makes an effort to guarantee a nice time. But trust me, Munich was very nice as well. You might be wondering, why I am travelling to Germany so often these days. Well, well, well. I am full of secrets and surprises. Let me tell, summer is for wimps. We at BOULESSE know how to make an impact.

Enjoy the pics!

Stay elegant,


Pics by Jenny (quite amazing, heh?)

IMGL0892 IMGL0898  IMGL0935    IMGL0966 IMGL0888 IMGL0977 IMGL0887 IMGL0972 IMGL0987

OUR GOODIE BAG.  Pure bliss.



  • Isabel
    12. June 2015

    Oh GF, give up with this crap! better to have a piece of good quality chocolate or something sweet that this “magic drink”…But I like the cellular energizing body spray from lp in the summer time, it’s really nice:) BR

  • Franzi
    12. June 2015

    I could not decide between LP or Munich, it’s both fabulous! The pictures look very good and I would love to try the products.
    I am looking forward to hearing the big news!!!

  • Isabel
    11. June 2015

    Munich is a great city indeed, very elegant, I love it too! Since I am not a fan of LP so, no comment, I am definitely a Sisley girl;) And Aesop lately! By the way, a Diet Coke…pure poison, don’t drink it for God’s sake:)!

    • GF
      11. June 2015

      My friend uses aesop and has the best skin ever. I will give it a try soon. Sisley dosnt work for my skin I learned……and diet coke is my new addiction instead of sweets…… Still bad but not as bad……:-)


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