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La Prairie gift for you

Posted on / by GlossyTimes

It took a while, ok some months-until I was able to set up my very own Insta Account, publish my next magazine and organise the next La Prairie gift co-operation for BOULESSE. Tataaaaaah! All good. All set.

So. After a bit of traveling I am happy to announce that I understood that it is important to give my business a face. Which is me. See, back to the roots. Not really, as my lighthearted days are over. Oh so passé, you would have to invent a new world for it. BUT. I am here to shower you with gifts. As all the hard work pays off. We received tons of little Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Serums in a travel size – which is brilliant for nomads like me! All you have to do is purchase something on Boulesse and you will receive a complimentary gift. There is no free lunch in life, but at least this one tastes really yummy. Actually you will have to spend more than€300 but if you shoot me a mail at, I am happy to gift you a serum also starting from a smaller budget.  Mention Glossytimes, so I know.

Next posts will be be about my new Insta Account, my travels and my new magazine.  Quite some stuff going on, heh?

Stay elegant,


Me back in the days, with dark hair and a huge portion of naivety.

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  • Franzi
    23. June 2016

    Hey! Schön von dir zu lesen! Ich freue mich auf neue Posts!

  • GlossyTimes
    21. June 2016

    Thank you ladies! The second we find some sales people, I and devote myself ENTIRELY to my blog and writing funny stuff 🙂

  • Isabel
    21. June 2016

    I will wait for Sisley;)(?)
    You could write more often, your posts are mostly very amusing and really interesting!

  • Michaela
    19. June 2016

    Schön, wieder von Dir zu lesen! Ich freue mich auf weitere Posts und über die Dinge zu erfahren, die Du erlebt hast 🙂

    Liebe Grüße!


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