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La Prairie present for you on BOULESSE.COM

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May I kindly remind you about my LaPrairie shooting the other day? I had the extraordinary pleasure to receive a Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal cream and serum. After using it for a while, I am more than able to describe the result.

The cream itself has a different feel than the regular caviar cream. The texture is more firm, going into the LaMer direction. The Crystal cream has also a different smell (more discreet), which is sad as the Caviar smell makes my day. The serum is basically oil which you apply with a pipette. La Prairie suggests to mix a drop of the oil with the cream before applying but I use it separately. Daytime I go for the cream, for the night I apply the oil. What should I say? It’s just really good ( I have a skin like a teenager)  and once I run out I need to spend about 300 Euros for the cream. Which is a catastrophe as I need all my money for my spring wardrobe. But whats the greatest dress without the complementary appearance? So.

In case I got you hooked, I have help: For every purchase over 100 Euro on BOULESSE.COM we give you a traveling size of  the “Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream” for free.* I personally love the size as it makes my life easier when travelling with hand luggage. And keeps you going for weeks! 

I hope you like this fabulous cooperation as much as I do!

Stay elegant,


* As long as stock lasts.



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