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Linda Farrow Sample Sale in London: That was it!

Posted on / by GlossyTimes

Karabamba! I am back! Finally. I was travelling quite a bit the last weeks. Good for you, as my Leica is packed with great (or at least telling) pics. I have spent the last week in London. Being in the capital of $$$$, I felt like saving my modest Cent and visiting a sample sale: Linda Farrow. Yes, Sir. Am I lucky or what?

So most of you are maybe not familiar with the procedure of a sample sale as Austria (and I guess Germany neither) doesn’t do that. Lack of market size perhaps? A sample sale is an event where all the stuff nobody wants gets stashed in a warehouse and millions of people get an invite to buy the stuff for a reduced price. I managed to make some pics, so you get a flavour of how it works:

I hopped in a cab and drove out to -wherever- and waited in a queue as the Linda Farrow people decided to open an hour later than announced. Never mind, I thought. So when entering the room, I couldn’t decide where to start. Sunglasses overload. It took 5 minutes to fill the room with fashionistas on the hunt for a bargain. I have to be honest, I would like to go back and buy some more glasses (the ones, the girl is holding in her hand), but I am really bad when it comes to impulsive decisions. I need to sleep over it. Even if it’s just Zara pants. So I got some nice Linda Farrow for Matthew Williamson glasses and think that I should have bought some gold flashy fashion statements. Oh, I could slap myself. Bad peanut,

So here in a nutshell:

– Where to find? Google it: Sample Sale London, fingers crossed, something is happening on your arrival

– How long is it open? 2 days

– When to come? Never on time

– How to pay? Usually they accept all cards, sometimes just cash 

– How much discount? 50%-90%, depends on the stuff and the label

– What to expect: Peer pressure as everybody around is buying EVERYTHING, so be fast

Stay elegant,





Another one on South Molton Lane: Too much to ask for ….




  • Miss M
    18. June 2014

    Ooo, I love your Chanel clutch. I am sorry but do you mind telling how much it was, because unfortunately I live in a country without Chanel store and I am constantly searching for price of this clutch on internet.
    I apologise, I know is inappropriate asking that kind of questions.

    • GlossyTimes
      19. June 2014

      Its a wallet on a chain, got it in February or March and it was about 1400 or so… basically you can use it as a clutch, a bag or wallet…..really practical…

  • Franzi
    9. June 2014

    Oh man, so viele Damen auf einem Haufen mit einer Menge Schnäppchen. Zeigst du uns deine neue Brille auch?
    Schön, dass du wieder hier bist!

  • Jen
    9. June 2014

    Ahh wie cool! Ich muss meist leider auch eine Nacht drüber schlafen, was gerade bei sowas überhaupt keinen Sinn macht. In Wien gibt’s sowas meines Wissens nach nur von Diesel – aber wer will schon Diesel? Genieß den Feiertag <3

  • Anni
    8. June 2014

    Wie schön das du wieder da bist! Musste sehr über das “Karamba” lachen 😀 Ich wünsche dir noch ein tolles Restpfingstwochenende und freue mich auf neue Blogposts xoxo 🙂

    • GlossyTimes
      8. June 2014

      oh liebe anni! du bist entzückend! habe noch ausreichend stoff mitgebracht. die frage ist nur, ob ich morgen bei 33 grad nicht vom sessel fallen werde 🙂


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