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I don’t want to bore you with details about a topic everybody is covering. It worked for me. And I never expected it. This is not a paid blog post, just my honest opinion. So enjoy the test. 

I remember the time when my obsession with thick full lashes started. 2008 in NYC. I was told that I SHOULD NOT try permanent lashes as they will fall out at one point and I will face NO lashes after a year. It happened to my hosts friend. So. After dealing with her bold eyes, she tried a serum to help her lashes grow again. And to my surprise, it worked. So after many years I finally tried the serum myself. It is called REVITALASH and you can get it at Douglas if I am not mistaken and online HERE.

What you should know: 

– I have very thin eyelashes. Like my hair.

– I react basically on everything allergic.

– I am incredibly inpatient and never use one product for weeks except moisturiser. Just because.

– Since my trauma (on fake lash falling off DURING a dinner conversation) I am not really big fan of experimenting with my eyes.

But I started to apply the serum for about 5/6 days when EVERYBODY approached me asking what mascara I am using. Thrilled about my success rate I – unusually for my daily routine- kept going using the serum. And to be honest. I would have never expected such a great result. Very long thick lashes. Not more lashes, but long thick lashes. What more to ask for.

The mascara which works best for me is Loreal Double Serum blablabla…, I guess in combination, its kind of an unbeatable duo. Since I have about 2 minutes for make up in the morning, it is important that my stuff really works to make an impact.

And because I promised my friend X the blog post since 3 months, here ist is. Happy Shopping X!

I need to start using the serum again. MORE lashes! Moreeeee!

Stay elegant!


PS: the pictures are borrowed from Instagram and represent my success case pretty well without inflating the result.

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  • mojo
    23. September 2014

    tolles Ergebnis! ich bin zwar mit vollen langen Wimpern gesegnet aber werde den Tipp mal weitergeben. Allerdings frage ich mich schon, wenn es so toll wirkt, wieso gibt es dies nicht auch für die Haare. Wäre ein Verkaufsschlager 🙂

    ps: schön, dass du wieder da bist, liebe glossy!

  • Franzi
    21. September 2014

    Eine Freundin nutzt es auch und ist begeistert. Es sieht bei ihr auch sehr gut aus.
    Ich habe auch darüber nachgedacht, aber die möglichen Nebenwirkungen schrecken mich ab. Meine Wimpern sind auch mit etwas Mascara schön dicht und lang.

    • GlossyTimes
      22. September 2014

      Die Nebenwirkungen halten sich in Grenzen, ich hatte keine…normalerweise reagiere ich immer sehr stark auf alles…aber wenn du ohnehin schöne Wimpern hast, ist es nicht nötig….:-) ENVY!!!

  • Isabel
    21. September 2014

    That’s true, it really works. Since I have long and strong lashes I don’t need it but I saw results on some friends and they got super lashes indeed (much darker to their natural). The formula was made for a lady which lost her hair, lashes and so on after a cancer therapy…

    • GlossyTimes
      22. September 2014

      I envy everybody who has long and thick lashes. My husband for example….:-)


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