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Meet Team B: Pierre

Posted on / by GlossyTimes

GlossyTimes proudly presents  another member of team B. Another french addition: Pierre.  He might be the kindest person on the planet and I am happy to have him on board. When growing up on the Cote d`Azur, he developed a sunny side. Sure, who wouldn´t? But when working at the legendary beach club 55 in St. Tropez, he also developed people skills.



Which means, he knows how to handle difficult situation and demanding clients. We all know that WHOLE of Hollywood is spending their summer there. Of course discretion is obligatory when working there, thats why shy Pierre isn’t leaking a single word about his life in the spotlight. Or next to it. Let me tell you that much. Drama has many faces.

But actually Pierre is more of an artist. He loves to work with leather and as a hobby he likes to build travel bags. Nice, heh? After finishing his studies in France (economy) and doing an internship this summer at Ludwig Reiter, destiny, or his brother Philippe, opened another door:


So here we are, a team of 5, working on the task to spread the love of

Next on GT: meet Weronika, our PR girl.

Stay elegant and enjoy the week!



Top down: Club 55, Hipster Party, PIerre at BOULESSE, Church shoes, purchased at a BOULESSE shopping trip (advised by my modest me)


  • Anni
    20. January 2014

    Ich würde auch gern in einem so coolen Team arbeiten! Ihr habt bestimmt viel Spaß 🙂

  • SmokeyEyes
    15. January 2014

    What a handsome young gentleman! I’m a silent follower usually, but at this stage I just have to congratulate you on your blog, your startup and your team!

    All the best for your time with Boulesse Pierre!

  • Franzi
    15. January 2014

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu diesem interessanten und tollen Team! Ich bin gespannt, wer noch an Boulesse arbeitet!

  • Verena
    14. January 2014

    Sehr chic und sehr smart sieht er aus! 🙂

    Lasst es krachen und zeigt es allen!!

  • JL
    14. January 2014

    Have to check out these shoes. Welcome to the gt-club, mr pierre 🙂


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