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My FORBES feature – Should you start a business?

Posted on / by GlossyTimes

My company recently got featured in FORBES and yes I am very proud (thats the pic they used – by Patrick Domingo).  I know many people who would like to start their own business. My advice: Don’t! Just don’t! Save your time and money and those around you. Why? Because if you have what it takes to succeed, you would not need to listen to any advice – you would simply do it. Because you will meet millions of people who will tell you it is not possible. Your parents, your friends, your partner maybe. As well as many strangers.

If you start your own business you have to have MONEY, A BIG NETWORK, A SPARKLING PERSONALITY and a STRONG WORK ETHIC.

Your days will be filled with enormous challenges. Managing people, managing yourself. Which is sometimes the hardest part, because you will not know what to do. OFTEN. And you will be forced to act anyhow. To do the right thing is not always that obvious. Trust me. And sometimes you simply don’t have enough room or money to do the right thing. Even during your darkest hour you will HAVE to be the biggest cheerleader for your company, clients and team.  Being polite when you want to yell at everybody around you, give your last cent, even when you already have a hole in your pocket and always smile because nobody wants to see a doubting founder. Because if YOU don’t believe in your business, nobody will. Most people have the wrong expectation that life owes them something, which I find highly amusing and so wrong that I would need to invent a new word for it.

My grandmother raised 4 kids during NAZI occupied-Poland and communism. She was such a great mother, you have no idea. Sometimes she didn’t even know what she would feed her kids the next day as she lost her husband and there was no money or support to be expected from anybody. But god helped me, she said. I always wondered how. But he was there, she said.

Indeed, I have met very very few people who have that special something which makes them outstanding. My friend Lisa, for example. She founded Schlossseiten at the same time I founded BOULESSE. We are facing similar struggles and we both launched a magazine, which we produced entirely by ourself. I am utterly proud of her and her husband who I respect so much for what they have achieved and the integrity they run their business with.  I have met very few people who are doing things for the right reasons with the right approach at the right time. I love her dearly and I am 100% positive that she will be super successful with her venture. And I don’t mean the blogger way of “dear friend”, I mean it in the most honest, real-life way.

Do me a favour and have a look at her page and explore what Austrian castles have to offer. Get a copy of her magazine online with us.

Stay elegant,




  • cuba
    5. January 2016

    beautiful photo!!!

  • Blog de Cuba
    23. December 2015

    Congratulations! You look very nice.

  • Franzi
    22. December 2015

    Congratulations! You two make such a strong, powerful and beautiful couple!
    I am thinking about opening my own business but that would be mad at the moment. Perhaps in a few years…
    I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year! Take some days to reflect what you did and be proud about it. You surely can be!
    Love from NZ!

    • GlossyTimes
      13. January 2016

      Starting your own business is not for everybody. I might do a blogpost about the decision making…..I wish I would have known a couple of facts before…..

  • natalie
    18. December 2015

    Just wanted to step by and say..

    that your customer service is really great and the products you are offering are refreshingly different from the rest of the market

    best wishes and merry x-mas


    so your succes is no surprise for me 😉

  • isabel
    13. December 2015

    Dear B., congratulations! Nice picture too.
    Please, could you just change one detail in the sentence: “during NAZI Poland”. It was Poland occupied by German Nazis, not just some kind of nazis, there was NO NAZI POLAND! Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is regularly fighting this kind of misinformation (I know, difficult to believe but there is a large number of people that have no basic knowledge of history and Germany is working hard not to change it) in the media all around the world. My grandma’s story sounds similar, 3 kids and grandpa having more luck and came back after five years of work camp. Now we hear from German “politicians” that Poland and some other countries in the region have strong roots of fascism…manipulating became very in today indeed.
    Anyway, congratulations again and wish you all the best in developing your business idea! Best regards.

    • GlossyTimes
      15. December 2015

      Sorry for the wrong wording and to appear offensive. Since this is a part of my history and family and we suffered sufficiently from that chapter, I think its quite obvious that I feel very attached to that matter. At the same time its history and I would like leave it as it is. It was a very difficult time for my family and will hopefully not happen again.

      • isabel
        15. December 2015

        That was difficult time for all the families in Poland. We all have very similar stories and I find it shocking you name it “wrong wording”. Thanks to such “wrong wording” people read about “polish concentration camps” or nazi Poland, and from german “politicians”, as I mentioned, we hear that fascism and nazism is actually coming from Poland, Slovakia or somewhere else but not from them…It is a long discussion if it could happen again, I think the country and the nation that always need a fuhrer to tell them what and how to think did not say its last word.

  • Birgit
    11. December 2015

    Liebe B., Gratulation zu dem Artikel! Und die Schlossseiten sind echt toll – das hätte unsere Hochzeitsplanung etwas einfacher gestaltet 😉 Und ich bewundere jeden der sich hier in Österreich traut sich selbstständig zu machen! Keep going!
    Liebe Grüße, Birgit

    • GlossyTimes
      11. December 2015

      Danke liebe Birgit. Und ja, sich in ÖSTERREICH selbständig zu machen ist absoluter IRRSINN.


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