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Today I would love to come up with a topic which is UNHEARD of, never talked about in social media: A smoothie post. Yes, I know, ladies. Hold back with your excitement. Don’t worry, it will be very short: We’ve been having a smoothie-to-go maker for a year in the office and I decided to start using it. NOW. That’s it. End of the chapter. But we are also on the hunt for a regular coffee machine as the Nespresso Mini doesn’t produce enough caffeine for a team of ten. TEN. Yes, Sir!

So I would like to add another equally unexploited field in the blogosphere: Beauty routine.  Since every face is different, there is NO trick, which works for all.  BUT.  There is one unwritten rule in the beauty cosmos: La Prairie is the CHANEL bag of  the beauty shelve. With a reason. Once you taste La Prairie you can’t be satisfied with anything else. I was running out of moisturiser and tried LaRochePosay. My skin immediately started a revolution. The only way to calm it down: The moisturiser from La Prairie. TIME RELEASE MOISTURIZER INTENSIVE CREAM. Sadly yes. Because it costs a lot of $$$. Yes, it contains silicons my facialist told me, but it works for me THE BEST. Capital letters! I don’t have any specific reasons, but I also don’t know why I prefer Chanel over basically everything else in my wardrobe. Besides Dior, of course.

But be on alert, there might be a little Christmas surprise on BOULESSE soon! Well, I learned that I might be the ONLY blog in the world where readers don’t care about freebies, you prefer to buy the stuff . I LOVE YOU GUYS.

Stay elegant,



PS : These pictures have been taken in a hotel room. There is no necessity to have a phone above my bathtub. Can you tell the difference? First picture without cream, second one with La Prairie cream! Just kidding, I am ALWAYS using it! Ha!


laprairie3  laprairie6  laprairie10LAPRAIRIE2









  • isabel
    10. November 2014

    I am a Sisley fan, even a hand cream from La Prairie was not for me…But i love their body spray or something like this in the summer time, it’s a really great scent.

  • Verena
    1. November 2014

    Total geniale pics, liebe B.! 😀

    Ich gehöre absolut nicht zur silikon-verteufelnden Spezies, im Gegenteil, aber mein Gesicht mag sie leider nicht. 🙁
    Wennimmer ich silikonhaltige Cremes oder Makeup verwende, reagiert meine Haut mit fiesen Unterlagerungen, Rötungen und Schuppen. Ganz schlimm ist es bei den Augen, die schwellen an auf ein “ich habe gerade einen Boxkampf hinter mir”-Niveau und jucken und brennen. 🙁

    Ansonsten hätte ich EXTREM gern mal das eine oder andere von La Prairie ausprobiert.
    Im Übrigen kommt heutzutage kaum noch eine Creme oder ein Makeup ohne Silikone aus, was es für mich leider nicht leichter macht.

    Du siehst aber absolut toll aus, also ist La Prairie sicher sein Geld wert. 🙂

  • eva
    27. October 2014

    gorgeous! so, so beautiful!
    and that lipstick colour… OMG, to die for! may i ask where it’s from?

    • GlossyTimes
      28. October 2014

      You are too kind. Its a very simple MAC. “Russian Red”. Doesn’t hold forever but does the trick….;-)


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