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No Valentine? Be patient and drink tea….

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Valentine’s day is around the corner. We know that. But when Jenny went for  cooking classes of a restaurant in city, she was told that Valentine’s day is the most quiet day of the year. Why? Because all the girls are waiting for a ring and there is none to come. So a LOT of tension in the air. And nothing left to say.

Since I managed to seal the deal already, I am not in expectations of a ring anymore. Or any other form of jewellery as everything else since more important than the extra bling. But of course I wouldn’t mind some diamond from Oliver Heemeyer. But to be honest I am more into tableware these days.

I like to drink from a nice cup. It is just NOT ok to drink Fortnum & Maison tea from a random BANK AUSTRIA  cup. It is just NOT. That’s why the “Queen of heart cup” from Wedgwood found its way already for Christmas eve into my house. It comes with a beautiful box and is an amazing gift. Great deal for 55 Euro. Not just for Valentin’s day, also for birthdays. Speaking of, since mine is very close to Valentine’s day, I like to skip the day of lovers and leave the celebrations for the rest of the planet.  But I am always happy to receive good sweets. Like my beloved Baci di Dama. They also match my cup…..

Lets see what I can find for the team,

Stay elegant,



PS: Those are the Cartier cufflings that I gifted my husband for Christmas and my Cartier correspondence cards….




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