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Old guy & young woman?

Posted on / by GlossyTimes
Jean Claude Jitrois

To be very honest I am a terrible journalist. Mainly because my manners prevent me to ask indiscrete questions. That is why I have a picture of Jean Claude Jitrois and Sarah Marshall and no answer if they are a couple or not.  Officially she is his model and companion. In the meantime I figured out that he is more into young gentlemen than into young ladies.

I met them on Tuesday in Paris at the Mont Blanc lunch. 

Not that it would be such a big thing but I am not really into the old guy-young woman relationship. Same for this Charlene person and her husband Albert, you just do not get the impression that they really love each other.

I am always asking myself why do these girls do that? For the fame, for the money, for the sake of having SOMEBODY by their side instead of nobody?

Of course I am very aware of the fact that outsiders can not judge the dynamics of a relationship, but generally speaking I always pity those couples, because I think that both actually are not getting what they want in the end.

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  • Macs in the City
    24. October 2012

    I know, what you mean and to me it depends on the age difference, which shouldn’t be higher than 10-15 years (at the most). And the woman should be “grown up” (mid-20s). Now call me “strange”, but I’m no fan of the other way around: Old women with young guys look absolutely foolish to me. Plus it makes them look older, while a younger woman next to an older guy often makes both of them look younger. hubby and I are five and a half years apart and supposedly that’s a good age difference for long term relationships. Well, we’ll see – we’re on year 15 and counting. 😀

  • Adrian
    22. October 2012

    and he is from “other Ufer” 🙂

  • Alexa
    21. October 2012

    Hi Glossy. She is his Muse. and married to someone else…


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