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Soon I will be funny again.

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First of all: THANK YOU. Thank you for being with me, thank you for following my blog diary. Thank you for engaging that much with  me and thank you for your very kind words. But most of all THANK YOU for  your patience.

The new blog template suggests older blog posts. So I started to read my old articles again. I was very surprised about my humour. I was really funny. I see now what your liked about my page. I even forgot about so many things that my old posts reminded me of.  I am very lucky, I have this diary. And the PICTURES!!!! SO BAD!!!! Goodness, you really liked my words more than my visuals, heh? Plus I completely forgot about the fact that I admired so many things and names which are part of my reality now: Wiener Silber Manufactur,  Jeff Koons & Mörwald for example. Everything can be found on BOULESSE now. Funny how life turns out. But I promise I will try to reduce the following words: BOULESSE, team, business, Lauren Santo Domingo, Olivia Palermo, fashion, luxury.

To be very honest, not only my buttons took some time to get in place, also my way of writing. You might not understand but I am a different person now. My brain works differently since founding BOULESSE. I don’t have the liberty to write that  freely what I think PLUS I don’t carry this easiness any longer with me. I hope I will find my way back and can be this witty person again.

I would be most happy to see the same engagement in the comment section again that I used to have. It is really interesting for me to unerstand your point of view on certain topics. I am really happy to be back again as I really missed GT. The essence of my thinking. Give me some time, I hope GT will better than it ever was. Thanks to Jenny and Kerry the pictures will be.

THANK YOU Franzi, Daniela, Anni, Verena, Isabella, Mojo, Lisa, Paula, Julia and everybody else I missed here. I am truly grateful for having you as an audience.

Stay elegant,






  • Paula
    26. May 2015

    oh ja, ein Spagat … sobald man offiziell auftritt ist es schwer, nicht mit dem “Zensor” auf der Schulter zu schreiben.
    Du machst das, da habe ich keinen Zweifel!
    Den Witz kann dir keiner austreiben. Vielleicht ist er jetzt halt subtiler?
    Genieße die Auszeit!

  • Birgit
    26. May 2015

    Dear B., for me Glossytimes is Glossytimes because of you and your opinion, your taste. I love reading your words because they are yours truly and not an opinion which is fashionable to have at the moment of writing. Thank you so much for sharing! Have a nice Day! Birgit

  • Franzi
    25. May 2015

    Dear B., thank YOU for entertaining us and being part of your daily life. I enjoy reading your witty posts and I am so glad that you are back! Please keep on going strong and stay glossy!


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