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Sophia Stolz: Don’t Dare Call It A Cake

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Sophia Stolzes - Cake Vienna

On the hunt for something resembling the unbirthday cakes we discovered lovely Sophia of s kitchen last year on Instagram and commissioned her with an art piece of cake for an office birthday. It was rich, huge, delicious and nothing but pretty. So here she is: the mother of all cakes. The one and only Sofia who needs her own baking show. Period. That’s why I asked Patrick Domingo to produce a little movie with the Constant Evolution gang.


Ah, kids today. Studying art history while baking lavishly extravagant cakes in their spare time. Well, in the case of our lovely Sophia Agnella Anita Stolz, her field of study is perfectly in tune with her hobby. One look is enough to know: her cakes are art. But let me tell you more about the art of her bespoke cakes and the desire to express herself with buttercream icing and layers and layers of cake. I promise, I won’t sugar coat anything.

She bakes cakes and dresses like one as well. Pretty with a bow on top. The 21-year old art enthusiast started baking for her mother every single day when she was just 15. What soon became an obsession, not surprisingly also overwhelmed friends and family and she soon started getting request after request. Soon after, her Instagram account (@stolzes) sprinkled with her sugary delights also took off. One artwork, as she likes to call the result, takes between 6 and 10 hours of laborious work. All done by hand in the kitchen at her parents’ place in Vienna’s first district. “I don’t have any slaves,“

Cakes Vienna - Sophia Stolz
Bakes cakes, dresses like a cake: Meet Sophia

she laughs. “I do it all myself. I pour my whole heart into every single creation.” Well said. And her dedication is palpable. Even the Nutella is made by the artist herself.

“It’s basically just nuts, butter and chocolate, but the only way to ensure I only use organic ingredients is to do everything myself.” The equation is simple. Happy egg + happy butter + happy Sophia = happy customer.

And our little artist certainly doesn’t skimp on butter and cream. “I soak every single layer of biscuit and alternate it with cream about 6 or 7 times to avoid dryness.” The result: what feels like 5,000 calories, but at least 15 people can easily eat it. For a whole week. And while her cake business is booming, Sophia opted for an internship at Sotheby’s in London, where she made the acquaintance of artists whom she just hosted for the Vienna Art Fair. A one trick pony, she most certainly is not.

Sophia Stolzes - S KitchenSophia Stolz - Cake

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  • Franzi
    5. April 2017

    The cake looks delicious! I bet it also tasted fantastic!
    Sophia definetely has personality!


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