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Splitting tasks and not bills

Posted on / by GlossyTimes

I am busy with nesting. Honestly I did not really know that one can be so busy without actually having a job, but it seems to be a thing as a lot of my female friends face these extraordinary circumstances. The days are filled with lunches and dinners, some shopping and managing the household. A burden I love to carry. Life is good.

And with household I mean organizing closets, dry cleaners, briefing the housekeeper, rearranging rooms and cooking (!) Something I am really keen on exploring, so I filled my Pinterest folder with 3 million cake recepies I want to give it a try. I might burn the cake as I burned rice last week, but hey, I am willing to better myselfe.

But besides my household duties I grew into the role of a PA of our household. Organizing social activities, insurance stuff, doctor appointments, a lot of things I never realized need to be taken care of. I guess its called growing up. Took me a while.

I was wondering how I managed with my time intensive job before and realized that I didnt at all. Nobody really did. This leads me to my firm believe that being in a relationship means splitting the tasks and not the bill- to make it work. People tend to  forget that relationships are about teamwork and not feeding your ego. I have a very strong opinion about it, thats why I dont want to break my point of view in one post. Digest the „not splitting the bill“ part for the moment, dont throw stones at me and wait for the next post where I will go into greater detail.

It might take a few days, but dont worry, my nesting  is soon over, as my credit card limit will be as well.

Afterwards I will present you my chair, I revamped all by myself and you can actually also sit on. And my newest cosmetic adition, which even carries my name. So.much.excitement. in one tiny box!

Stay elegant,



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