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It has been very quiet recently on my blog because I had no time or brains left to devote to my blog. Not that much has changed, but I really feel the need to update you on my recent developments. No worries: I haven’t crashed my company. Yet. Because running a start-up means being in the venture game. Which means high ups and low downs….with barely time to breathe. It feels like your venture sucks you up. Entirely. And there is not much left of you as a person.

I don’t care about fashion that much anymore because I don’t have time to think about what I like and research what my heroines wear. Like LSD. It just needs to look decent, somehow professional and not too boring. Oh, and it should be warm. For two reasons: I just opened a POP UP STORE in Kitzbühel (COLD!) for the season and we launched our first magazine (order HERE).  It kept us busy for the last 3 months.

As a thank you for the great work of my team I took my girls out for a decent afternoon tea to the Hansen Kempinski, while the boys stayed at the office playing Playstation.  It was our first time at the Kempinski and I really enjoyed it as it was NOT office time. We loved the entire afternoon tea experience (38€ a person) and also the plates. Because we sell them: Wedgwood.

We really tried hard to make a nice group picture but we were all so tired, the pictures turned out to be horrible. Which is proof that blogging is NOT working. Because REAL work means REAL responsibilities, REAL money and REAL pain. That has nothing to do with my previous life a s a blogger. We make a very high turnover but have very high costs. Sure, I have a team of 12.  A huge office in the 1st district and a big shop in Kitzbühel. A lot of cash flowing down the road.

Sometimes I look back and think to myself, why did you do that? Your comfortable life is gone. Just like that. And then again I look around and I think, but look what you have built! The people I have met along the way. My dear friends who shared my road, my pain, my tears, my joy. My team. My venture has changed me as a person. It has opened doors, I never though I would be able to walk through and it helped me grow as a person and understand many things which seemed to be so complicated. I have learned and I am ready. For everything that is in front of me. 2016. It will be a good year. I know that.

We had to take some pics at the Kempinski for a WOMAN feature (coming out this Friday) where I am dressing a Christmas tree and they needed a picture of me. So Jenny had to take one ultra last minute. See it as a preview of the issue on Friday. Minus the tree.

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  • Franzi
    22. December 2015

    Wow, you look fab!!!
    You can be so proud of what you achieved! Online shop, pop up store and magazine! Wow! But I can understand that it can be overwhelming. I will start working in February and still got some more exams, there is so much to do. Social life? Zero!
    The afternoon tea looks delicious! I would love to get to know your team!

  • isabel
    1. December 2015

    all the best then for 2016!!! Happy to hear from you:) Best regards from MC.

    • GlossyTimes
      9. December 2015

      Million thanks! I would love to be in Monaco now, trust me!

  • Michaela
    1. December 2015

    Wow, thank you for sharing!

  • Guivarch
    1. December 2015

    Proud of you my dear !

    • GlossyTimes
      9. December 2015

      If we can afford, we might conquer France soon….:-)


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