THE ART OF GIFTING ( what the gift really tells about you)

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It was hell of a month and one more to go. Christmas season is the hottest time for retail. So for us. We prepared a GIFT GUIDE, which I will introduce later and some Christmas goodies, also later and  special gift wrapping for our customers. I don’t remember having a weekend for a long time. So when being focused on my own business, I thought THIS year I will buy my parents and friends something with heart and value. Most often I was so stressed, that I bought SOMETHING.

But we all know, that what you are gifting says more about YOURSELF than about the one you are gifting. I remember once receiving a pencil shaped like a tree branch. It came with the note that I like writing so I might enjoy the branch. We both were about 25, no children anymore. I was so disturbed my the gift that I felt really ashamed of showing it to somebody. My mum found that present really amusing and revealing and said, oh Darling it is not about you, it is about her. Choose your friends wisely. Once I got a pack of self printed business cards of a friend who was short on money. But the cards were absolutely brilliant. I received them at a time, when I didn’t know what to do with my life. They said “MUSE” as a title and made my day. It meant the world to me. See. And when somebody really really really appreciates you, they will come up with something truly valuable for you.

I seriously don’t like to receive gift until this day as I don’t want to say Thank You for something which doesn’t mean anything to anybody. Sometimes  a gesture or help means more than 10000 Chanel bags.  I remember very well, who helped me with my business, who was there for me, who bought something on my page (until this day I check every order myself) and who jeopardised their relationship with some potential clients for me. I truly feel thankful for that, and being a loyal Aquarius I will always remember that. And one day, I might be able to give back. Enough of me. Its not a narcissistic ME blog. HAH.  Its about you and your gifts, right? So. I took the liberty to showcase my favourite gift ideas on BOULESSE. The gift comes with free shipping in D&AT and a Guerlain gift!

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