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The best deal of the week. Adorable teacups by Viktor Steinwender!

Posted on / by GlossyTimes

Being back in the office a found a new wall. Beautiful. Grey. I am so in love.

Being in the mood, I decided to order some new cups from our shop Viktor Steinwender. I could spend a fortune there as they have such an amazing selection  on interior treasures and I am thrilled to call them my clients!

I found this amazing set of 6, which costs less than Zara Home. Just 59 Euro for 6 teecups in my favourite colour GREIGE. A combination of grey and beige. With a silver finish. Looks like a million bucks . And very french.

The biggest pleasure I have right now, is to sell things on my site which I am buying for myself.

Stay elegant and enjoy this really beautiful day!





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  • Jen
    18. March 2014

    Ach die sehen toll aus 🙂 ich mag greige ja total <3


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