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The best spot for people watching in London

Posted on / by GlossyTimes


London happens to be the second most snobby city in the world. Number one, you ask? Clearly Paris. So when speaking of London, I think about my favorite place: The Ladurée at the Harrods terrace on a sunny day. Enjoying delicious scallops and people watching at its finest. As we all know, the back entrance of Harrods is the only really relevant entrance, as well-groomed ladies and gentlemen are stepping out of their Bentleys to enter the backside of the building every minute. Spending an hour here is like starring into the sun too long. You get headache as it is just too good and too strong. #boybagoverload. Happy to be back in Vienna and not feeling poor without a Bentley. With a driver. Goes without saying, right?

So if you want to get a flavour of how it feels like, watch my favourite TV hero Marc Francis – who I was seeing literally EVERYDAY at Ladurée, when living in London 2008/2009. And yes, he REALLY is authentic in the show. (AM, you remind me a bit of him): “There is nothing more depressing than going to a dinner party with no flower arrangement. Doesn’t it just kill you?” Well said.

I once (ok very often) overheard a telephone conversation as he was seated at the next table. He was making a table arrangement at Annabel’s. So the entire room knew that he was a member. I found him very entertaining. He deserves his own show.

Stay elegant and enjoy this really awesome day!





  • EC
    10. June 2014

    So Mark is really like that?!? I often asked myself whether he has to say things like that, or was just acting or something. I do adore him though. All the other members of MIC are total bores compared to him! Next time I’m in London, I know where I’ll be stopping by for some people watching! Great post!

  • Franzi
    9. June 2014

    Ladurée bei Harrod’s ist ein zauberhafter Ort. Und die Gegend rund um den Hintereingang mit den schönen Wohnhäusern ist perfekt zum Spazieren und Staunen!

  • Adrian
    9. June 2014

    AM wenn du wohl meinst? Really??? Funny……I love him…….habe Ihn in London Persönlich kennen gelernt…….privat ist er noch lustiger…..

    • GlossyTimes
      10. June 2014

      🙂 I adore him. MADE IN CHELSEA wäre so langweilig ohne ihn. Und trist. Und NICHT posh. AT ALL. 🙂


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