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The Model Diet: Ritalin

Posted on / by GlossyTimes
Dom Perignon Claudia Schiffer
Champaign instead of a sandwich works as well…

Born lucky, yes sure. The real secret how models lose weight:

The general problem of all women in the age between 14 and 99: how to lose weight? And how do all those annoying, super skinny models do that?

Well, the upside of being a fashion editor is: you get access to models who might tell you some secrets. One of them is how they really keep their shape:

+ They really do not eat. Hang out with them a couple of weeks and you shrink 2 sizes: in case you are a social eater, it means you do not eat at all.

+ If they eat, they calculate every calorie. My model friend used to eat rice crackers with tuna. Two pieces a day.

+ They like to smoke instead. Everytime they feel hungry, they compensate with cigarettes.

+ Some, very very few indeed, are truly lucky and eat normally and do not gain that much weight. They like to exercise though.

+ They do sports: yoga, whatever, they just move their ass. Like you move your fingers while typing excel sheets.

+ The use …and that’s the news….Ritalin. You can lose up to 10 kilos in 2 weeks.  I have seen it happening.

What is Ritalin? Better stay away. It is a medication for hyperactive children. It manipulates your brain chemistry. If you are a normal adult it just reduces your appetite. But you get addicted. And depressive. And neurotic. Of course! Your damn brain chemistry is out of control.

+ They just cut carbs. Just tuna, no rice crackers.

+ They just eat salad and yogurt-fat-free of course.

I am done, I need another cookie. Chocolate of course. The real thing.

Stay elegant,



  • mojo
    13. October 2012

    lieber rund und gsund 🙂 ich denke ja, dass sich der körper irgendwann rächen wird….

  • GlossyTimes
    17. September 2012

    YEP. But I am sure that the common taste will change soon. As body shapes always follow economics. So since we are in a deep recession which will be much worse I guess we will be back to the curvy 50´ bodywise very soon.

  • Dea
    17. September 2012

    Two words: It’s sad!

  • Alexa
    15. September 2012

    or another view is: mind over matter. Once people stop obsessing about food, and what they eat, the pounds will drop. Free yourself from Food obsession, and you free yourself from the pounds, because then you only eat when you are hungry. Thats one of my theories 😉
    kisses, A.

    • GlossyTimes
      15. September 2012

      Since I am sick at home I am watching TV all day long. Nonstop. I discovered an eye-opener, a miracle, a revolution today. I am still hyped. Will post it tomorrow…good night ladies….


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