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The most beautiful house I have ever been to

Posted on / by GlossyTimes

It was a busy week. I went to Kitzbühel and to Munich.  I was a very lucky guest at a really, really beautiful Chalet in Kitz and had dinner at THE most stunning house in Munich. And I have been to MANY truly beautiful houses. Since there was no way to pull out the camera and ask for permission to take pictures I have to describe it with words:

  • White house à la Aerin Lauder Hampton’s estate
  • Theme of the house: greige. Of course.
  • Ambience: peak of now.

Table decor in the garden: grey Hermés porcelain with animals (not the H version, of course), silver Christofle cutlery, white linen napkins with grey monograms, Laguiole steak knifes and Baccarat glasses. A feast for the eyes. BEYOND tasteful. The only room I took a pic of was the restroom. Covered in Hermés wallpaper. You wanna cry. So beautiful. Her wardrobe makes Carry Breadshaw blush. I swear. And one of the guests just sold 23 RACKS of new designer clothes for pennies. I wanna cry. Again.

The thing about THIS house: it is contemporary. And you need a lot of money to do contemporary, as it looks dated pretty quickly. In 10 years, it might already be over. But no problem, she can redo it. If money is no object, it is easy to always be contemporary.  That is the peak of luxury.

It is quite astonishing the journey my venture has taken me on. But believe me, the next day I ran to Theresa to check for some new stuff. I have never felt more of a need to improve my wardrobe than after this trip to Munich.  Chapeau Germany, you have taste. I will be back. Next week already, in fact.

Stay elegant,


That is the look and feel, just ignore the furniture, it is very different and the wallpaper is actually grey but it’s same pattern:

el-house-front Beauty-at-Home-3

malmaison_423 214013_M01.proportional_1000x1000_q90


  • Franzi
    12. June 2015

    That sounds very sophisticated and luxurious! I would love to see these places!

  • Birgit
    9. June 2015

    Liebe B., deine Beschreibung mach mich sehr neugierig. Und ein Tisch gedeckt in Weiß und Silber/Grau – einfach nur ein Traum! Und ein Haus alle 10 Jahre umzugestalten ohne Problemen, ja, das ist Luxus. Alles Liebe, Birgit

  • isabel
    5. June 2015

    Dear B, your description made me really curious! Someone is really very sophisticated…By the way, I love H but their china decorated with H is rather for those from Londongrad (wherever they really live…). Have a good weekend!

  • Adrian
    5. June 2015

    Ohhh B. I missed so much your Posts, good to have u back!!!!! Manchmal können auch Deutsche gut einrichten.


    • GlossyTimes
      5. June 2015

      You are such a darling! I bet your house is also a true gem! XXX

      • Adrian
        5. June 2015

        My house is a big mix of everything

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