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The TRUE luxury industry

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Sorry for my absence, but I am writing quite a lot at the moment, also the newsletter for BOULESSE, which will become more short stories than actually product placement. So if you want to sign up, you can read a bit more GT stuff in German. Nevertheless I would like to maintain my GT blog, please be patient with me. So.

I was discussing the luxury industry with a new client, who will go online soon. I have explained my theory. The last decade was about brand hysteria. About the big flashy logos everybody could afford. Chanel, Hermès, Gucci, you get the point. Which everybody could afford-I mean accessible luxury, which means the Gucci Canvas bag for 350 Euros (back then) or a Hermès scarf for 200 Euro (back then) or even a Chanel lipstick. Boosting your self-esteem and trying to look a bit richer and smarter than you actually are. Guilty, I have been the same. A young student, I was chasing Vogue pictures and dreams like everybody else. Wanting Chanel belts from my parents for Christmas I could never afford on my own. How? I earned peanuts while studying. Now I earn nothing.

How come, we all wanna run desperately in the direction of financial difficulties and betrayal. It’s in the genes darling. We, the middle class (everybody who doesn’t t have a disposable income of 1/2 Million a year is middle class for me and most people in my surrounding). So WE middle class are chasing the behaviour of the rich and the super rich. Those people were wearing those expensive items on a regular base, while we could only afford just a tiny fraction of their world. And guess what? They don’t even want us being a little part of their world, they want us out. They want to create a bigger gap between us to distinct themselves even more from the common people. They don’t want to wear the same shoes, bags and dresses like everybody else. The want to be superior. That’s why they start to ignore big brands and are looking for truly unique pieces. Caring about quality and service.

That’s why we think that BOULESSE has opened its gate at the right time. There is a huge demand for quality and tradition. Being close to the person you interact, even if it’s the net.  And since we middle class like to follow the consumption behaviour of wealthy people, we are sure to serve the masses soon as well.

In the meantime we are happy to deal with those in the know. In our eyes a big honour to deal with the early adopters. I even met a client of mine, ordering stationery, last week and thought: Goodness, this is MY client? I am proud and humbled at the same time. One of the most elegant and sophisticated ladies I met in Austria.

So, I need to get back to work and make sure to bring more products and more clients online, so our community grows.

Stay elegant,


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  • Izabela
    19. May 2014

    Dear B,
    You sound a bit dramatically…

    I never thought that a brand or even worse, logo, means luxury. Luxury means to me quality, classic style and finally the most important: discretion but NEVER logo, no matter Chanel or Gucci (by the way, Gucci and luxury?!).
    I just checked out my dressing room (perhaps too big word), I do posses literally one thing with logo (Chanel bag, 8 years old), even wearing Hermes riding boots I do not use those two straps with Kelly locks (ok, ocasionally).
    Are we suppose to be free of charge adv space for “brands”?! Today luxury means to me not going to buy ready things but going to excellent taylor in Italy or France, excellent shoemaker in Italy and ordering things custom made and combining them with Hermes scarf or Ferragamo shoes (sometimes artisan, no brand, no logo) sometimes Loro Piana, but I do keep them for years, and reallly wear them for years, it works for me.
    I see rather problem somewhere else, marketing specialists trying to convince us to use even toilet paper with logo. I wanted to buy a striped T-shirt Petit Bateau for my 8 years old son and what did I find, new collection is with logo…
    And my sense of self-worth could rather evaporate than boost wearing pieces “decorated” this way
    (that’s still Russian speciality, by the way).

    Take care!

  • Anni
    15. May 2014

    Amen. Ich bin stolz auf dich!

  • Crystal
    15. May 2014

    Hallo B.,

    ich bin letzte Woche mit Austrian mal wieder nach Amerika geflogen und war wirklich überrascht, einen kurzen Werbefilm an Board vor jedem Film des Entertainment Systems zu sehen! Ich möchte dir herzlich gratulieren, das zu schaffen stelle ich mir wahnsinnig schwierig vor und nicht zuletzt muss man dafür mit Sicherheit die richtigen Leute kennen… 😉

    Als ansonsten stille Leserin wünsche ich dir viel Erfolg weiterhin!


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