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Venture time……

Posted on / by GlossyTimes

Hello again! I made it, I am online and still alive.

When people compare the process of launching a venture to giving birth, they are absolutely right. FullStop.It hurts like hell, it takes much longer thank expected and you change completely as a person. Image , I left my Chanel presents unwrapped in the living room as couldn’t think of anything else than my page.

But I know that I am not alone out there. Susi& Vasi are also in the same stage of their live. The launching event just happened with Martin Kirchberger at the Nocciolato Coffee House in Bern ( as an Austrian I am not familiar with anybody else except Conchita Wurst, forgive me) and they produced a video reflecting their old school Italian heritage. You might want to have a look at  true slow food story happening in the Piedmont: :–2bwo

But more than that, they really try to make their product work. I know how hard it is to get to the stage where you actually have first customers and you would like to go down on your knees and thank everybody for the appreciation of your product and supporting it to grow, so check

More on my own venture today in the afternoon.

Stay elegant,


Since you dont know where to get them, here is a hint:  Biscottibox in available in December at Nocciolato Coffee House, Bern or via their homepage


baci_08 baci_01


  • AS
    2. December 2013

    Aller herlichste Glückwünsche!
    Ich habe kein Unternehmen, aber jeder meiner Artikel ist eine kleine Geburt oder ein kleiner Tod. 🙂

    Ich bin schon sehr gespannt und neugierig. 🙂

  • Franzi
    2. December 2013

    Liebe Glossy, ich freue mich schon sehr auf dein Venture! Du hast deinen treuen Lesern eine Preview versprochen, wann dürfen wir uns darüber freuen? Chanel Geschenke sind aber auch toll und ich bin gespannt, was du bekommen hast!
    Die Kekse sehen wirklich unglaublich lecker aus!


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