Waterdrops Review

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I was looking for a healthy but tasty alternative to water for the office and my home. When the waterdrops hit my social media feed, I was tempted to give it a try.

To be honest, I should have known better but well, about €30 down the drain. When the parcel arrived at my doorstep I was already sceptical, as I saw that the consistency of the tabs was similar to carbon tablets. And I HATE carbon tablets. So we took out our colourful Lobmeyr glasses matching the shades of the waterdrops and could not wait to try them. What a disappointment. They taste like carbon tablets but without the benefit of being truly healthy. They claim to have vitamins but frankly speaking, you get the same effect much cheaper at the pharmacy. Actually we find it kind of undrinkable. Which came as a surprise as an ex-BCG brainy came up with the idea, so I hoped for a genius product. But being an entrepreneur myself, I know how hard it is to deliver a great product. To get the taste and consistency right, might have been a good start though.

I will gladly stick to tea, at least I can spare the sugar. Sadly no new office supplier.

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  • mojo
    3. April 2017

    OMG B. is back und ich bekomme es mal wieder als letzte mit 0.0 ich freu mich ja so 😀

    zu den Drops: ehrlich gesagt, ich versteh das Produkt und dessen Sinnhaftigkeit nicht.

  • Izabela
    28. March 2017

    I think I will send you some of our organic raspberry syrup;) Not that expensive, wonderful color as well but definitely much healthier;)…Glasses are just beautiful!

  • Verena
    23. March 2017

    B is back!! Und so ehrlich und direkt wie immer! Gefällt mir. 🙂

    Freu mich riesig, wieder mehr hier zu lesen!

    Alles Liebe aus Berlin, von einer absolut passionierten Mineralwassermitohnealles-Trinkerin. Gerolsteiner FTW, zumindest hier in Deutschland!

  • GlossyTimes
    22. March 2017

    Thank you for your feedback ladies!

  • Birgit
    22. March 2017

    Thank you so much for honestly sharing what these waterdrops are – “Lifestyle-Brausetabletten” 😉
    But I would gladly take the glasses!
    Have a nice day, Birgit

  • Franzi
    21. March 2017

    Does not look tempting at all!
    I prefer water with lemon juice, mint or berries. It gives the same effect, but it is healthy and natural.


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