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It is unbearable. The heat in our office is beyond words ( + 38) . No air-condition. Well.  We have a lot of stuff going on, so we really need to be in the office otherwise I would have forced the team to go swimming with me. One of the many cooperations at the moment is our sponsorship for Die Spanische Hofreitschule. We are really excited about it as it is such an important and beautyful part of Austrian history. I mean, who doesn’t love white horses? What kind of person?

What we learned during our tour: You can buy a foal for around 2000 Euros from there. A real lipizzaner. Be warned: there is not much more you can do with the horse than go horseback riding as they are not trained to be performance horses. I would love to own one. Despite the fact that I am (still) scared to fall of the horse and I am a lazy peanut, so not really the ideal candidate to clean and look after it.  Christina took some notes that I am to lazy to translate (write in English next time, dear) . So I might do a follow up sometime soon. Or not.

I remember being in grammar school and all the girls were crazy about their horses and went to visit them every weekend. I was like: “Yeah, I have my little pony.” Much nicer, because its pink. Get that.

And look where I am right now. A patron of the most famous horse house in the world. Life is funny, no?

Anyways, enjoy the pics that Jenny took. I was eating Mango sorbet while she was working. Isn’t the whole location just a magic place you want to move in? Right? It is!

Stay elegant,

PS. The lady in the pics is not me aging dramatically with BOULESSE. PHEW! No, it is Mr. Gürtler, she is the face of the house. Great lady, very talented and smart. I adore her!

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  • Isabel
    23. July 2015

    Congratulations on your sponsorship! I hope more people will follow you. I had three racing horses but after few years it was too much for me, I mean the financial aspect of the fun. I love horses too and everything linked to equestrian style… Ms Gurtler as elegant as always. She looks really stunning!

    • GlossyTimes
      23. July 2015

      yes my comment section is really bad these days as i am lousy with replying due to my tense day job…..I REALLY love the SPANISCHE HOFREITSCHULE and its an honour to be part of it ……and yes, money makes the world go round……:-)


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