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What to wear on the first date?

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First Date Outfit
Oh Dior…

It maybe is the oldest question of human mankind and many people already found an answer. Nevertheless, we keep asking ourself every time we go on a first date: what the hell should I wear?

The perfect “First Date Outfit”.

No matter what age you are, this is a very common rule which applies to all of you: short skirt OR big décolleté. Full stop. Well, you can hide behind your intellectual glasses and being an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs, but when it comes down to the love thing, you have to show your man that a real woman is waiting to be conquered . Yes sir.

After long discussions with my alpha male friends, the conclusions are the following:

+ They want to go out with somebody sexy, but not slutty.

+ Elegant but not boring.

+ Trendy but not a fashion victim,

+ And always wearing high heels. Even the short guys go after girls who are taller than them.

That might already be too much. In fact, that already is too much…

If you have long legs, go for a short skirt. If you have one or two pounds too much, than just show off your heart and wear a deep décolleté. We remember Kate Middleton walking down the catwalk with her see-through dress and catching Prince Williams’ attention? Well, guess what? Would you think that they would live happily ever after if she had appeared in an Issey Miyake pleaded dress and wearing a discreet dutt? Nope, I don’t think so.

To be on the safe side you should stick to a black, ivory and nude color pattern for the first date because it suits most people and it always works.

Wear a dress. You are a lady. You want to be treated like a lady. So you should show it. If he is a real gentleman, he will pick you up from home and bring you back afterwards. So you can go for your highest heels to make the right impression. But make sure you can walk in them. If that is not the case, go for different shoes. There is nothing more unsexy than a girl balancing on her Louboutins trying to make her way to the table.

And most important: you have to feel comfortable . Self-confidence is the greatest accessoire you can bring on a first date. Enjoy your Saturday!

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