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White carpets-no shoes!

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Like most people sunshine kicks my ass. Badly. So whenever spring knocks on the doors, I am highly motivated to do EVERYTHING. Specially when its interior related. Since Alex von Canisius is a very close friend of mine,  she has as such the capability to fix me on things. I have a growing desire of white carpets. She was brave enough to try it, and I have to admit, I WANT as well. Badly. So. When doing a bit of research in the net, I discovered OTTO providing some affordable options. It looks like silk, kind of, but its finest plastic. Don’t be shocked, even Minotti uses Polyester for the carpet range I have discovered. The OTTO version costs for 160×230 cm 379 Euro, so lets see if this will do the trick. Need to continue doing research at Steinwender & Co. and see how much difference is to be expected……

We have redone the office a bit, so I would like to share some pics with you, when the chairs arrive FINALLY….a lot of DIY, you will be amazed….

Enjoy the week !

Stay elegant,



Pics found on PINEREST….


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  • Izabela
    25. March 2014

    wow, lovely pics!

  • Alexa
    24. March 2014

    ah yes ! love them too… but mine are not looking so White anymore …. 😉 xx


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