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You bake, I buy

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You might have been working all day in the kitchen backing your cookies, but lazy B. received a great package from Switzerland filled with biscuits. Baci di Dama. No need to bake.  And they come in a festive wrapping, which looks great in our glass thingy sitting on the office table.

I can picture our white dressed  Christmas dining table with huge crystal bowls filled with golden cookies. Quite awesome, hehe?

Since they are not available yet  in Austria, you have to be patient…..but I have the feeling you don’t have to wait long for them…..since some of you were interested, where to get them at the moment: via their page Biscottibox.Com

Also a lovely Christmas gift!

Stay elegant,



biscottibox 11 biscottibox7 biscottibox3  biscottobox9 biscottibox10


  • Anni
    17. December 2013

    Die Boulesse Box ist wunderschön! <3

  • JL
    16. December 2013

    Tolle boulesse-box , erinnert mich zumindest auf dem foto an fornasetti.

  • Franzi
    16. December 2013

    Die Cookies sehen schon wirklivh sehr edel und lecker aus!
    Ich habe gestern den ganzen Nachmittag mit Freundinnen gebacken. Es war toll, denn wir konnten in Ruhe reden und zwischendurch natürlich immer mal wieder naschen. Die Plätzchen sind auch sehr schön und lecker geworden. Es war also ein perfekter Tag!


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